Personal Injury law

Personal Injury law
Personal injury law is unfortunately somewhat of a prevalent need in the United States. In a sue-happy culture is it easy to find yourself on the wrong side of the law. Personal injury law is not just for the presumed guilty, it is also there to protect the interests of the innocent. For those not aware of what personal injury is, let’s break the topic down.

What is a personal injury?

A catastrophic injury is an injury suffered usually because of malpractice or malfeasance, but it also includes slips and falls, car wrecks, ect. When one thinks of personal injury images conjure of doctors under the influence or negligent surgeons. If you suffer a loss of a limb or other injury because of someone else’s incompetence then you have a personal injury.

Most professionals have professional liability insurance to cover them in the even they make a dire mistake that causes injury or death. Sometimes the policy will cover legal aid, other times it does not. If it doesn’t, then you need a personal injury lawyer to help you fight for your rights and prove your innocence, as the case may be.  There are other factors to consider in getting a personal injury lawyer if you are the accused. Most malpractice insurance doesn’t cover you if you were drunk, accused of sexual assault or had no coverage under your employers policy.

Personal injury law isn’t just for the defending party, it is for you too!

If you lost a loved one due to malpractice, or you someone injured you in a car wreck, or whatever the case may be, you too can get the services of a personal injury lawyer.

What is the process of hiring a personal injury lawyer?

The first step is to book a consultation with a personal injury lawyer. It is important to compile a list of the events leading up to and after the injury and all the facts surrounding the case. Your time with the lawyer at the first consult is precious as such you need to be prepared.

If after the consult the lawyer feels there is a case, you will move forward with a formal notification of intent to sue and the process will begin.

What are the costs?

The costs of hiring an attorney vary, but if the lawyer thinks the case in a strong enough one to win, then he or she may offer you a no win, no fee deal. The average cost of legal fees for a personal injury case is approximately between 33 and 40% if they (the lawyer) take the case on contingency. That fee may not include court costs which are $300-$400 and that doesn’t include court transcripts, if requested by the client/injured party.

What are the percentage of cases won by injured parties

The answer to that question would depend on whether the trail saw the inside of a courtroom. Most personal injury cases (95% of them) negotiate settlement pre-trial and of the cases that make it to the inside of a courtroom win their cases at a rate of 10%. Your personal injury lawyer and team will work with you on a plan of attack for the best outcome based on your personal circumstances.

Remember the other party can counter-sue

In the case of personal injury, or any other lawsuit for that matter, the other party innocent or guilty, can sue you as well. When you open the door to a lawsuit, it is open season on you too, but with a good lawyer you can rest assured things will maintain a sense of control.

I need a personal injury lawyer, where should I start?

We are glad you are taking the next step in your case. We want to hear from you and help you build your personal injury case. Reach out to us if you have been injured, you may need an experienced car accident lawyer today!

Understanding The Role Of A Family Lawyer

Family lawyers play a very important role in our society. Without them people would not be able to settle family issues without there being long, drawn out disputes. Understanding what these types of lawyers do can help you to know when it might be time to seek their advice or services.

One of the most common uses for a family law attorney is in the area of custody disputes. This is when two parents are not in agreement when it comes to what level of custody that they should have. Of course, ideally parents would be able to agree to joint custody, but that is not always the case. Sometimes there are concerns that one parent might have, justified or not, about the ability of the other parent to properly care for the child. There are also issues involving who should pay what amount in child support each month. Having a quality lawyer on your side regarding these matters can result in the best possible outcome in your favor.

They can also help families navigate through the adoption process. There are a lot of legal terms that can be thrown around and not having the documents filled out properly can lead in delays. There are also situations in which a biological parent is not present and a step parents wishes to take on the parental rights of the absent parent. This requires certain steps to ensure that the law is followed and is best handled with the assistance of a good lawyer.

Family lawyers can also be of assistance when a grandparent may need to take temporary or permanent custody of a child. This often occurs when the biological parents become absent due to their own choice or being placed in jail. Grandparents or other family members need this custody to prevent problem with enrolling the child in school or getting them medical treatment. In some cases people can navigate through this on their home, but having a great attorney can help the process along and ensure that there aren’t any steps that have been missed or done incorrectly.

Family lawyers can handle a wide variety of circumstances that may arise when it comes to personal issues. If any of the above apply to you or you think your situation may apply, you should look into finding a great lawyer in your area to represent your best interests in the matter.

4 Reasons You Should Hire an Attorney Instead of Trying to Do it Yourself

Reasons to Hire an Attorney

There are numerous situations that you find yourself looking for legal help to settle things down. However, the expense of hiring an attorney is one of the factors that hinder people from seeking for their professional services. Fortunately, the government offers help for people who can’t afford an attorney. Here are the following benefits that you should consider if you work with an attorney in your legal case.

1. They are expert and knowledgeable of the justice system and laws

Lawyers spend half of their lives studying the law, and they never stop learning even after they have graduated. Hence, you can rest assured that if there’s anyone you’d like to ask about the laws and justice system—it’s the lawyers. They can help you understand how the system works and guide you into making proper decisions in the process. They also orient you of the court procedure, should you be requested to appear yourself before the court of law. Aside from that, they will speak on your behalf and handle legal cases against your opponent to free you from the burden of the situation.

2. They evaluate your case and create a plan

The law may be harsh, but it is the law, and all citizens are required to follow it. Now, hiring an attorney will help you to evaluate your case and also prevent you from having severe penalties even before the trial starts to roll. They will explain to you the procedure and the options that you have to win against your opponent. They also make sure that you are well-protected and secure against potential harm that may arise in the process of resolving the case.

3. You’re at a disadvantage with no attorney

If the other party has their attorney and you do not have one, you’re outnumbered, and it’s not advantageous for your part. Even if you did not do wrong, the attorney can make it seem like you’ve committed such terrible mistake with his careful choice of words and with no one to defend you, it can be easy to make it appear that you are the one who should be punished.

4. They offer a free consultation

Most of the professional attorneys provide a free consultation of cases to their clients. Click here to find out more. They value their services at a reasonable price, so you don’t need to burn a hole in your pocket just to have someone to protect you on the court. In that way, you will understand the type of case that you are handling and you will be able to sort out the options that you have to get justice on your behalf.

Going over a legal case can be sometimes daunting, especially if you are accused of a crime you never committed in the first place. That’s why it is crucial that you have an attorney by your side so that he can guide you into making the right decision and help you sort out the case accordingly.